Park City vacation photography, Park City ski photographer


Park City vacation photography is available to you by an on-location Park City ski photographer. I can capture the moments spent skiing down slope side, snow shoeing in the backcountry, or any other various activities our incredible area has to offer. The natural beauty of the mountains is our backdrop.

My name is Darci Herr and I am passionate and dedicated to Park City vacation photography. Like so many of you, I find that the Rocky Mountains are filled with natural beauty that is begging to be photographed.

Park City ski photographer

During the ski season is when the mountains are at their most beautiful because of the snow and the skiers. Anybody that’s lived in Utah for any extended period of time has seen an iconic picture of a skier racing down the side of a mountain. That’s the essence of what it means to be a Park City ski photographer.

Call Darci Herr Photography at 435-714-1613 the next time you’re in need of Park City vacation photography taken by a passionate Park City ski photographer.